What is ADA ?/ coinintroduction / basics of altcoins (ADA)

Ada Coin is a virtual currency used in an online casino called Cardano.

Basic Information

Currency Name: Ada Coin
Currency symbol: ADA
Number of coins issued: capped at 45 billion
Trading started: October 2017
Management company: Cardano Foundation
Founder: Charles Hoskinson Charles Hoskinson
Official website : https://cardano.org/
White Paper : https://docs.cardano.org/en/latest/

Objectives of Cardano

Cardano’s official website states its founding purpose as

A platform built for a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems


The global problems that Cardano means here are, for example, the slow transfer speeds of other virtual currencies, and problems with scalability and security.

Cardano was founded in 2015 with the idea that these problems needed to be improved in order to make it safer for more people to use.

Features of Ada Coin

Incorporates a unique smart contract

A smart contract is a mechanism that is executed automatically.

By incorporating its own smart contract, Plutus, Ada Coin is expected to have stronger security and functionality than Ethereum.

Excellent developers

The main developer, Charles Hoskin, is known as the former CEO of Ethereum, the third largest company by market capitalization.
With his involvement, ADA Coin could become a virtual currency that surpasses Ethereum, and there are high expectations for its future development.

In this article, I introduced Ada Coin.
I have high hopes for the future of Ada Coin!


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