The Future of Ada Coin (ADA)

Last time I gave you an overview of Ada Coin, but what about its future?

Cardano is currently working on partnerships with a variety of companies and institutions.

Major Partners

Some of the major partners are

  • Ethiopian government
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • MOX Corporation

These are just a few examples. These are just a few of the companies that have been working with us, and we have high expectations for them.

Listing on Binance

The ADA coin has been handled by BITRREX and other exchanges, but its listing on Binance, one of the world’s largest Chinese exchanges, was officially announced in November 2017. The price skyrocketed when it was listed on Binance, and it is expected to rise further when it is announced that it will be listed on other exchanges, both domestic and international.

ADA Coin Chart

The price of ADA Coin has been growing steadily since its listing, and is expected to continue to soar.
The social issues that ADA Coin and the Cardano platform are trying to solve are huge, and their high practicality is another reason why ADA Coin is attracting attention.


ADA has become one of the most popular currencies in the world, with a top 10 market capitalization.
It is a controversial currency, but it is a fact that it is being evaluated as a hot currency.
A number of corporate partnerships are in the works, so we have high hopes for the future of ADA.


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