What is TRON? / introduction / basics of altcoins (TRX)

TRON is a blockchain-based platform that allows creators to freely present their works as digital assets.

DeveloperJustin Sun
Currency UnitTRX
Supply limit100 billion TRX
Issue dateAugust 2017

TRON is a relatively new virtual currency that was issued in August 2017. It has a high market capitalization and a very high number of 100 billion units issued.

I will go over the features of TRON.

Features of TRON

TRON is a blockchain-based content distribution platform

TRON plays the role of a platform for posting videos and other content. This is a big difference compared to other virtual currencies. The purpose of TRON is not to be used as a general payment currency, but to be used for personal trading on the entertainment platform.

TRON allows viewers to pay TRON (TRX) directly to contributors for interesting content, just like throwing money.

The goal of TRON as a platform is to ensure that creators receive fair recognition, and as a result, the overall quality of TRON’s content will improve.

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Individuals can freely distribute their content.

The platform provided by TRON allows individuals to freely distribute their content. Since they are also free to use the content, there is a lot of activity in providing and consuming content among individuals.

I believe that tron will be used even more on platforms where many people gather.

Individuals can do ICOs

ICOs are usually used by companies and foundations as a means of raising funds, but with TRON, individuals can issue tokens and conduct ICOs.

This makes it possible for individuals to raise funds and provide content, and for the buyer to make money as the value of the coin rises if the creator becomes popular.

In this article, I have introduced TRON. In the next article, I will consider its future potential.


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