What is DEAP? / introduction / basics of altcoins (DEP)

In this article, I will introduce DEAPcoin.

DEAPcoin is a virtual currency created by Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA).

What is Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA)?

Company nameDigital Entertainment Asset Pte.
RepresentativeNaoto Yoshida, Shigeru Shiina
EstablishedAugust 2018
Head officeSingapore

DEA’s vision is to create a new culture and future economy through the power of entertainment and technology.

We are the next generation Entertainment Company that will create a new economy and culture with entertainment and assets in the digital age based on blockchain technology. A new culture and market created on the basis of “fun”. We will change/defy the conventional way of the era where we buy “fun” with the money we earn working.

With people from all over the world, we will create a new era of entertainment economy where we can live freely.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd. official HP

DEA not only uses the virtual currency DEAPcoin and blockchain, but also operates the platform “PlayMining” to create a new economy and culture, and is working to create an economic society where everyone can enjoy their lives.

What is DEAPcoin?

DEAPcoin is a crypto asset used for trading “Digital Art” on the “NFT Marketplace by DEP”.

( Glossary )

NFT Marketplace by DEP
A place for trading “Digital Art” via the crypto asset “DEAPcoin

Digital Art
Digital Art is beautiful art data drawn by Japanese masters and other creators from around the world. “Digital Art” can be purchased at the “NFT Marketplace by DEP” (https://daa.playmining.com/).

This means that you can trade Digital Art with DEAPcoin.

What are the advantages of owning Digital Art?

What are the benefits of owning Digital Art with DEAPcoin?

DEA is running a platform called “PlayMining”, which creates a new economy and culture of “playing and living” through games and other entertainment.

Paying to have fun is in the past.
Having fun becomes a reward.
Having fun makes life fulfilling.

PlayMining official website

By owning Digital Art, the status of your Amulets (cards) will be enhanced by the number of Digital Art you own in the game JobTribes.

In the game, you will win if you disable your opponent (e.g. by destroying all the amulets (cards)), so it is advantageous to have a lot of Digital Art to increase your chances of winning.

The game itself is free to play. However, in order to purchase “Digital Art”, which provides various benefits in the game, you need to trade in the crypto asset “DEAPcoin”.

DEAPcoin can be obtained in the following three ways.

  • Play the game
  • Buy it on an exchange
  • Buy it on the exchange using a credit card.


In this article, I introduced DEAPcoin.

The concept of DEAPcoin is very different from conventional virtual currencies, and I think it is a very new idea to have coins that can be used in games. There is not much information on DEAPcoin yet, but I have high expectations for its future activities.


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