The future of DEAP (DEP)

I would like to look at the future of DEAPcoin from these perspectives.

  • Listing on one of the world’s largest crypto asset exchanges
  • New and talented members join the management team
  • Growth of entertainment platform PlayMining

Listing on one of the world’s largest crypto asset exchanges

DEAPcoin was listed on OKEx on April 8, 2020, one of the three largest exchanges in China and one of the largest exchanges in the world, along with BINANCE and Huobi.

OKEx is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. Some of exchange’s core features include spot and derivative trading. It was founded in 2017.


The listing on one of the largest exchanges in the world is expected to increase public exposure and trading volume.

New Talented Member Joins the Management Team

Mr. Shigeru Shiina, who has served as President of PwC Japan and Vice President of KPMG Consulting, has joined our management team.

Mr. Shiina is known as a “leading expert in AI research” and is still providing consultation services using AI to various companies. PwC Japan, where Mr. Shiina worked as President and Representative Director, is known as a global company and has provided consulting services to many global companies. The participation of Mr. Shiina, who is well versed in AI and has experience in consulting to global companies, is sure to be a great advantage for DEA.

Growth of the “PlayMining” entertainment platform

As mentioned in the previous article, the entertainment platform “PlayMining” refers to an economic zone where items appearing in games and comics can be purchased and secondarily traded, and the currency exchanged there is called “DEAPcoin. DEAPcoin” can be obtained by enjoying the games and comics, so users who invest their time and have fun playing the games and comics will be more likely to acquire DEAPcoin. PlayMining is a system that realizes DEA’s vision of “playing and living.

In an interview, Naoto Yoshida, the owner of PlayMining, had the following to say.

With the listing of DEAPcoin, we will continue to expand the PlayMining economic sphere through the participation of third party game makers and the release of our own manga, aiming to reach 100 million users in three years. We will continue to work hard to meet your expectations, and we ask for your support.

[Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. ] Co-CEO INTERVIEW(全編)

The system that allows you to earn coins by playing is innovative and novel, so I think more users will enter in the future.


Personally, I think that coins earned through games are innovative and interesting, and since DEA’s platform is well established, it is an easy coin to enter.

It will be interesting to see how the number of exchanges on which it is listed and the number of users increase.

I have high hopes for DEAPcoin in the future.


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